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Many people ask themselves: What is the best chair if I have back pain?


The original kneeling chair is designed to ensure the body’s weight is distributed between the knees, shins and buttocks when one sits on it. This is so because once sat on, it places the body at an angle of 60-70 degrees thus ensuring that the spine is properly aligned.

The product is made of beech wood and wool fabric, weighs 13 pounds and has dimensions of 28 x 20 x 19 inches. You can find it available at It is manufactured in Norway by Varier furniture in Norway and is shipped to the U.S. and other select countries. It was first designed in 1979 and has been widely used since then. This chair is especially helpful to people who sit and work for long periods of time especially on the computer since it encourages good posture.

Most people with back or spine problems find it comfortable because it relieves the pressure on the lumbar spine from your body weight as opposed to sitting in a normal sit. The rocker base also encourages subtle movement so your body and spine realigns itself to its natural curvature in every movement you make unlike fixed kneeling chair variety.

the human solutionThis also enables you to have better blood circulation and breath better and easier as you work since the body is very relaxed in this position. The padding on the buttocks and knee rests take much of the pressure also from the body weight on your spine.

However a few people find that it is not tilted enough and it requires more padding and as a result the buttocks take much of the body weight thus one cannot seat on it for a long time. Despite this, most people still view the original kneeling chair as a good investment despite the cost.

This is because not only does it offer a relief for those who have medical spine conditions but to everyone who sits and works for long periods of time.

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