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braun-cooltec-electric-shaver-1Many electric razors offer a shave simply as close as shaving with a blade razor when made use of appropriately.

There are lots of advantages in making use of an electrical razor including its ease of use and capability to get rid of the opportunities of scrapes and cuts. Men would never ever attempt to shave with a blade razor while wearing t-shirt and tie but it is never ever a problem with electric shaver as it does not make a mess. Many men discover shaving with electrical razor more hassle-free, non-messy and a quicker means to shave. Look at this high quality razor

Right here are some suggestions on how to utilize an electric shaver appropriately to provide you with reliable shaving.


You should frequently clean the screen and cutter. You can raise the head frame holding the screen off on most electric shavers. With the included cleaning brush, brush out the hair dust from the underside however avoid touching the screen with the brush because it is fragile. For cleaning the screen, brush just the cutter below it.

You need to sparingly lubricate the screen’s metal surface areas and cutter by spraying the screen with an aerosol lube while the razor runs.


This rapidly frees up any metal versus the metal binding. You do not needto wipe lubricating substance off and you might continue with shaving. You will understand when your shaver operates at its maximum power level when you see a pick-up in sound level of the motor.

images (1)With a gentle pressure against the beard, shave against the grain of the beard development. Never ever move the shaver too rapidly and do not press down hard, since doing these can cause the head of the electric shaver to wear out faster. Heat can trigger irritation on sensitive skin and some electric razors are generating heat on the shaving surface areas. If you have delicate skin, it would be best to shave initially the tenderest areas such as below the jawbone while the electric shaver head is at its coolest. The cooler the electric shaver, the lower is the chance of irritability. You can then transfer to tougher areas of the face between nose, ears and mouth. You need to trim tough and persistent hair on the neck prior to you shave.

If you are utilizing a rechargeable electrical shaver, charge your electric shaver until the battery gets complete. Without making use of the cord, make use of the electric shaver until the battery runs all the way down before recharging it so the battery will last longer.

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