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prodottiIndividuals will sometimes wish to use a kneeling chair in the office. Two of the quality products that individuals may wish to choose from are the Office Star vs the Varier Balans Kneeling chair. A kneeling chair in short, in about at a 60 or 70 degree angle.


It allows individuals to rest some of their weight on their shins, as opposed to a normal chair which is situated at about 90 degrees.

Office Star kneeling chairs have some of the following advantages:

– simple ergonomic design
– supports the body
– thick padded seat
– pneumatic seat height adjustment
– 17 inch by 22 inch length width adjustment
– 5 star base

Another of the chairs that you may wish to find are the chairs that are made by Balans. Balans is one of the items that individuals can use. It is a form of the chair that is one of the items that can be used in an office or home environment. The thing to not about Balans chairs is that they have a wide variety of chairs available in different price ranges. There is no standard chair that comes as part of the Balans. Some of the models come with a variety of advantages. One of their models is discussed below.

chairVarier Balans Kneeling Chair with Back

– provides varied movement with the chair
– encourages natural and active sitting positions
– automatically straightens the spine and keeps over pelvis
– made in Norway
– Suitable for most adult users
– chair is smallish and is easy to move

Comparing Office Star and the Varier Balans kneeling chairs are not that easy because the two chairs vary widely. Balans has a number of chairs whereas the Office Star model are limited to a few select models. Make sure that you get the chair that are based for you. The Balans chair would obviously be a superior product, however, the Office Star Products are much more affordable, and are those that are more generally seen in an office setting.

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