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Nothing beats a restful holiday from work than a good quality vacation spent in luxury travel.

There is the newness of experience that creates a sense of thrill and adventure. There is the experience and greatness in traveling by air to your intended destination/ location.

There is the wonderful place you will spend your night in, all considering the different services offered to pamper you. Then there are the different places you could visit while you are there in that new place. Why then would you not want to have yourself such a treat for your holiday? Here are a few hotel destinations you would love to consider:

above chicago

Thompson Chicago


This is simply a hotel that is one of a kind. One, there are not too many rooms, actually being less than 250, meaning that there is personalized services, you are in the same place with the elite and less overcrowding and thus faster service. It is located just next to the shore and is high enough thus giving you a beautiful view of the scenery of water stretching to the horizon as well as a good view of the city on the other side, and remain in awe over beautiful lights and buildings.


If you are a person who keeps fit every day, there you have a 24-hour fitness centre that you may keep on your workout program. Be sure there is great cuisine offered and cooked by the best chefs as well as proper room conditions, especially the bathrooms.

Willows Lodge


If you are a lover of nature and want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, then this is the place for you. You find this magnificent place on the outskirts of Seattle to the eastern side. The landscape is nothing short of breathtaking. The Sammamish River flows by, thus completing the feel of nature. However, the hotel in itself will assure you that you are not abandoned in a jungle. The hotel is a five star hotel, with spacious and modern suites for you to live in, with balconies where you can experience the nature.



In the same theme of nature there are fireplaces to keep you warm and at the same time intrigued. You will not leave this place having not been amazed at the beauty of nature well blended in with luxury to assure you a good time of rest and relaxation.


Marenas Beach Resort & Spa

Are you a lover of sandy shores and the clear blue skies, ocean waters and serene environment? Then The Marenas Beach Resort & Spa was made definitely and specifically for you. Located in South Florida, you get to experience the coastal experience like never before. Here, you can be sure that the service is superb. Accommodation is big and spacious enough. The furnishings of the rooms are top class. The facilities in the resort are one of a kind.


You are literally in another world altogether. This is the perfect place for relaxation, especially for women; not forgetting those who just love the beauty of the sky as much as their beauty. There is the wonderful spa that offers great services such as facials and massages. There are different spa packages depending on your preference and the delivery is just the best. Be sure you will leave this place feeling not only relaxed but also more beautiful.


El Elcanto


You can even tell from the name that you will be getting a Spanish experience from this hotel. Located in Santa Barbara, California, a city just next to the beach and full of gorgeous landscape, this hotel is a necessary visit. It has history of its own, being established as early as the 1920s, but know having been reinvented to keep its vintage style but remain modern and relevant to this time. It is very seldom to find a great hotel in perfect condition yet established over 100 years ago.


It is definitely nothing short of a five star hotel, giving services required of its pedigree. One thing about it is the intimate feeling that surrounds the hotel. Be sure to leave this place charmed, no wonder the name, which means “the charm” in Spanish.


Jodie is a blogger and a sophisticated woman who understands the art of travel with Flight Courtier . She has been able to travel to every state in the United States, thus capturing a glimpse of luxury in different states.

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